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“NCR is clearly the only choice. This company knows how to generate business. They take you through the process, from your web site to your direct mailings. The mailings usually pay for themselves during the first week or even the first few days of the month. When I started with NCR 3 years ago, I was able to secure a fifteen thousand dollar retainer client in the first mailing session. Since then I have retained hundreds of clients by the use of NCR’s marketing strategies. I wish I knew of NCR when I first opened my practice. I would recommend this company and the way they market you to anyone who is serious about getting clients and generating revenue. I had a potential new client call just the other day and tell me that he got many letters in the mail, however, ours was the best, was the most professional and we gave him hope when he needed it the most. I was able to secure that client’s business because that is who he wanted to do business with, a professional, and NCR lets your potential clients know that you are a professional. Do not get me wrong, you have to secure the client, but NCR will get your phone ringing and clients coming in to interview you like you have never had before. Thanks Austin, Steve, Chad and the crew at NCR for making my firm a success.”
– J.A., Attorney at Law (3 years with NCR)
“When I started my solo law practice 13 years ago, like many lawyers I know, I struggled to “keep the lights on”: Every month was a new challenge to make sure I had enough business, and finding good clients was a struggle. But when I met Steve Goldin and Austin Burt at NCR, my life and my practice changed forever. With their marketing techniques I was able to specialize in criminal defense work and establish a huge client base in a fairly short period of time. I have never looked back, and I have never worried about where the next client will come from. NCR has provided me with a stable stream of clients from day one. Simply put, NCR marketing and advertising works. NCR took me from having almost no savings to speak of and made me a millionaire, and I can’t think of any better endorsement than that.”
– E. A., Attorney at Law (13 years with NCR)
I spent about a year struggling to get work, taking any case I could, and basically making no money. Then I saw the piece of direct mail that NCR sent to my office, describing their direct mail marketing to people who had recently been arrested in my area.

As soon as I saw it I knew that it was what I had been looking for all that time. Almost as soon as the flyers started going out, I started getting phone calls. Over time I refined my sales technique, and learned how to practice law all at the same time. As I got better at both, my business steadily increased to a point where revenue brought in on these flyers alone (about $12,000/year in costs for my area), was around $150,000.

Using this as a springboard, I’ve built my practice up to the point that while it continues to have a solid base in criminal defense, I’ve been able to pursue other opportunities in addition to the criminal law. Having that base line of revenue that I knew I could count on, I was recently able to start my own firm, and business just keeps getting better! I couldn’t have done any of this without the marketing assistance I got from Austin and Steve. When Austin asked me to write an endorsement about their service, I told him that I’d be happy to and that I’d be happy to recommend his service to any attorney trying to figure out how to build a book of business from scratch!

– C. R., Attorney at Law
“I have been practicing criminal defense law in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years. It is a very competitive market for attorneys. In 1996, National Crime Reporting, Inc. implemented a direct mail advertising campaign, marketing strategies and administrative materials that I still use today and continue to achieve great results. I wish I would have known about these ideas when I was first started my practice. For any law firms that have been practicing for many years or a sole practitioner just beginning his practice, NCR can accelerate the learning curve tremendously for growing a criminal defense practice. NCR is the true expert when it comes to marketing and advertising criminal defense law firms”.
– L.W., Attorney at Law (15 years with NCR)


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