Let NCR Create A Constant Flow Of Potential Clients for Your Law Firm with Targeted Direct Mail

At National Crime Reporting, Inc., we are fully dedicated to helping law firms by using our proven method for obtaining potential clients. We understand the work you and your legal team put into creating a practice dedicated to helping those in need of a competent criminal defense attorney. That is why we have developed a process for helping lawyers connect with those in need of that crucial service.

Professional Letter

Creating a constant flow of new clients starts with a letter. We help you create a professional letter directed to potential clients that details your firm’s legal services. We ensure that it is highly informative and showcases your credentials and experience.

Brochure Design

National Crime Reporting then creates a professional brochure further describing your firm and how it can provide excellent criminal defense to those who have been arrested or charged with a crime. This informative brochure accompanies the letter to the prospect and helps that individual see what your legal counsel may be able to do for him or her.

Direct Marketing Campaign

We then use our extensive data base of individuals in your target areas that are in need of a criminal defense lawyer to create a direct marketing campaign. This is where our process really shines as you and your firm can select as precise or general of a client demographic as best suits your needs. Defendants’ lists can be generated based on location (county, zip code, etc), income, the offense he or she has been arrested for (misdemeanor, felony, DUI, etc.) and other factors.


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