Attorney Financing

Clients Are Looking For An Affordable Option To Hire You.

iQualify Lending’s Simple, Online Application Platform Gives Credit Decisions Instantly. Loan Funding is Fast, Easy & Painless.

Get Paid Upfront With Financing

Now that you are paid in full, you get to be an attorney, not a collection agent.

Providing a low, monthly payment financing option to your clients allows you to sign more clients than ever before.

Can you think of a single attorney in your area that could offer payments as low as $150 per month on a $5,000 case?

With financing – You can.

What about clients who don’t qualify?

Easy Collections Is The Solution

24,000 Contracts. 92% Collection Rate. Never Chase Payments Again.

Relying solely on automatic withdrawals and storing credit card information is a thing of the past. With Easy collections, you set the terms, we send the contract and collect payment. What happens if your clients miss a payment. Don’t worry, we’ll handle that for you.

Don’t have another consultation without these powerful client conversion tools in place.

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