Our Criminal Justice System Relationships Mean Success for Law Firms

Established Relationships with Law Enforcement and the Courts

National Crime Reporting, Inc. has worked diligently to establish and maintain relationships with a variety of law enforcement agencies and the Criminal Courts throughout the United States. We put these long-standing connections with local and state Police Departments, Sheriff’s Departments, Highway Patrol, Criminal Courts and other enforcement agencies to work in creating a constant flow of potential clients for criminal defense firms that use our services. The bottom line for a criminal defense attorney is that you must have a steady flow of new clients. It is our hard earned and trusted relationships with agencies and courts in the criminal justice system that enables us to provide you with that constant flow of potential clients.

With over 25 years experience helping criminal defense law firms build a successful practice, you can be sure that our relationships with criminal law and legal systems are strong.


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Austin Burt – CEO